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Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Thu Feb 21 15:26:41 CST 2002

"Gerhard W. Gruber" <sparhawk at> writes:

> So why is it neccessary for this to be in a seperate app and are there
> already any plans on how this should have been integrated? Which layer
> would that be that decides this? If the decision is done in a higher
> app, why not just implement it in a seperate module (which I would have
> done anyway) and then execute the code when it is needed?

Well, yes, that's the idea. Only there's no reason to put that
separate module in the low layers if it's not needed there. And by
moving it to higher layers, like in a separate app, you have access to
more functionality; for instance you can popup a confirmation dialog
or things like that.

As for what layer would call that code, there are many possibilities,
which is why it is important to provide the mechanism independently of
the policy decisions. For instance you could call it from .xsession so
that bootup processing happens when you log in on your desktop; you
could also have a script that mounts a CD, runs the installer, then
simulates a reboot, all wrapped up in a nice interface; or you could
have an option to call it when an app calls ExitWindows(); etc.

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