Question about ToolbarWindowProc

Jeremy Shaw jeremy at
Thu Feb 21 15:07:25 CST 2002


I am attempting to implement toolbar window message 0x463 -- which, as
far as I can tell, is undocumented. If anyone has any information
about it, I would love to hear it.

I currently have a question about a difference in the implementation
of comctl32.dll under Wine vs Windows. In both Wine and Windows, the
function ToolbarWindowProc starts by calling GetWindowLongA (hwnd,
0) and treats the returned value as a pointer to a structure.

Under wine the structure is the TOOLBAR_INFO structure defined in
dlls/comctl32/toolbar.c. Under Windows, I have no idea what the
structure looks like. Using the debugger, I can see that the first two
elements of the structure are the hwnd numbers of the window and its
parent -- but after that it is not very obvious. The structure is over
150 bytes in size.

Does anyone know what the structure under Windows looks like? 

Jeremy Shaw.

jeremy at

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