X11DRV_DIB_[Get/Set]ImageBits in 1, 4 and 8 bit X modes.

David Hammerton david at transgaming.com
Thu Feb 21 17:49:02 CST 2002


I'm presently modifying the X11DRV dibsection code for slight speed
improvements using shared memory pixmaps and the like. Im into the "clean up
and make it work on all systems" stage of thing, and I have a question.
Do people ever worry about what happens if the user is running in a 1, 4 or 8
bit X mode? This has some wacky code, which I am unable to test on my machine
(or any machine around).. So i'm implementing what I think _should_ do the
trick - but I have no idea if it will work..

Is it a big issue?
Any suggestions to the problem?


David Hammerton
programmer and support
TransGaming Technologies Inc.
david at transgaming.com

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