Question about ToolbarWindowProc

Eric Kohl ekohl at
Fri Feb 22 07:11:41 CST 2002

"Guy L. Albertelli" <galberte at> wrote:

> 2. From looking at relay traces, Toolbar messages 0x045d and 0x0463 seem
> be a
> pair. They also seem to invoke comctl32.413 which is also undocumented.
> relay traces seem to suggest that .413 somehow redirects the message to
> another Winproc. All windows that process through .413 seem to have the
> for "CC32SubClassInfo" added as a property (GetProp/SetProp). I suspect
> this whole thing may be related to the "nativefont" control. There seems
> be no ill-effect to the messages not being implemented (except for the
> annoying fixme).  Note that comctl32.413 may also be related to
> and .412.

IMO, the undocumented functions comctl32.410 to comctl32.413 are some kind
of a subclass manager. They seem to be the functions DefSubclassProc(),
SetWindowSubclass(), GetWindowSubclass() and RemoveWindowSubclass() which
are documented in the new Windows XP Platform SDK.


Eric Kohl

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