GetStdHandle Problem

Ignasi Villagrasa gri at
Fri Feb 22 09:53:49 CST 2002

>> If there's a problem in Wine to get this function work, I'd like to know
>> if,  apart from updating Wine, I can do any change in the source code in
>> order to make the program work.

At first I'd like to change my application code. 
I'm not thinking of changing wine code because I don't know about it.
For instance. Should I initialize my console functions using any additional function ?

>> In addition, I'd like to know which libraries should I add to the linker
>> process to get the symbols resolved ?
>well, I thought you said all your symbols were resolved, aren't they ?

Yes. All symbols are resolved and the executable created. I ask this question
because I have selected the libraries including at first -lkernel in my makefile linker process
and solving then the remaining undefined symbols. I have not used any documentation 
that tells me what libraries to use.

>but, first of all, since you didn't answer my previous questions, I'd ...

I'm sorry. I supose you want to know if I have GetStdHandle in any constructor that runs before main routine.
(Global instance). The answer is no.

>I'd suggest using the prefered way for compiling winelib applications (which
>should deal indeed with C++ initializations issues)
>look at for the details
>(in peculiar, winemaker and --wrap option). 

I notice there are things I haven't understood yet. Is there any Win32 console based Winlib example. Any simple one.
So I can see which process I should follow to get the program properly built.

For instance, a Win32 Console based editor built using wine migration, and with source code to rebuild it.

Many thanks for your interest. Ignasi Villagrasa.

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