DTR Flow Control

Michael Cardenas michaelc at lindows.com
Fri Feb 22 19:36:53 CST 2002

Is DTR flow control supported?

There's a comment in comm.c in SetCommState that says it's not, but 
EscapeCommFunction has a SETDTR case and a CLRDTR case.

Below are the lines I'm talking about.

I'm working on an app that asks for DTR flow control and uses overlapped 
IO when using a modem. It establishes a modem connection, but then it 
can't send any data over the connection. I'm using an external modem on 
a serial port.


	if (lpdcb->fDtrControl == DTR_CONTROL_HANDSHAKE)
             WARN("DSR/DTR flow control not supported\n");

comm.c line 1069


		case SETDTR:
#ifdef TIOCM_DTR
			result= COMM_WhackModem(fd, 0, TIOCM_DTR);

comm.c line 548

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