problem with CreateProces

DanteAliegri og1 at
Sat Feb 23 13:41:32 CST 2002

on #winehq we've been taking a look at a few programs that use CreateProcess
at is a simple testcase
that should run notepad.exe ( verified in w98 )
in wine cvs we fail and go to the message box.
unfortuantly. I don't know enough about wine internals to know what is 
going wrong.
this test case though, should make it sufficently easy ( thanks to hax 
on #winehq : )

the interesting part of the error log is
/media/wine/bin/wine: could not load library 'C:\winapps\' 
as Winelib application: C:\winapps\ cannot open shared 
object file: No such file or directory

Also, this came from a application we were debugging, which may be 
useful, because it is open source (!)
and does a lot of twiddling with win9x/nt internals. ( can't find the 
URL for it atm though, so I'll put the rarup
next to the winetest.exe as hl_cs_ogc.rar ) it has a call to strstr 
where it is trying to find  "hl.exe", but the string has
HL.EXE in it, so it fails the strstr test, so I'm wondering is strstr 
supposed to be case insensitive in win32, or are we
passing a path that has mixed case, and it shouldn't?


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