Traditional Chinese (CP950) not displaying in WINE

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Feb 24 05:32:09 CST 2002

"Anthony Fok" <anthony at> wrote:

> We are experimenting some problems with displaying and inputting
> Chinese characters in WINE (January 2002 or newer).  For example, most
> Chinese characters show up as squares,

Probably some font misconfiguration problem. Apparently displaying of
Chinese characters should work since output of Japanese characters
admittedly works.

> and it seems that WINE doesn't
> accept Chinese input via XCIN (an input method server using the XIM
> protocol).  Did we misconfigured something?  Or is this a known problem
> in WINE?  Any pointers would be appreciated.  Thanks!

I'm afraid that correct input of Chinese and any multibyte characters
will require almost complete rewrite of the Wine keyboard code using
X Input Method/Input Context. Simultaneously it will solve the problem
with dead keys.

Unfortunately nobody worked on that problems yet. Do you want to try?


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