Bootprocedure again

Gerhard W. Gruber sparhawk at
Sun Feb 24 08:07:24 CST 2002

Andreas Mohr wrote:

> > <wine>/programs/
> > is a good neighborhood.
> Sure, and that's why I chose programs/winebootup/.
> Well, it's not submitted in its complete form yet, but I'm going
> to continue working on it.

But your wine bootup does much more then just handling the
renaming/deletion of files on boot. Considering what you already planned
according to the code then it doesn't make sense to have it seperately
because it should be run anyway. The keys you are checking there should
be started when windows boots. If NT is properly emulated then it should
make sense because there will be quite a number of programs that are run
as services, which should run everytime wine starts. So did you have
plans on how to integrate this best? Or is it as others suggested, that
one who will want to have this, should build a script that runs it.

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