Out of process COM objects & Installshield v6

Sander van Leeuwen sandervl at xs4all.nl
Sun Feb 24 11:21:28 CST 2002


What's the current state of OOP COM objects in Wine?
I've noticed a lot of related changes, but have yet to find an InstallShield 6
installer that works. (I did copy the stdole*.tlb files to the windows & system directory)

After porting the OLE changes to Odin, I tried the Java 1.4 installer.
It fails with error 0x80070057 (CoMarshalInterface; failed to marshal interface)
Trying the same installer in Wine (built from latest CVS) results in the same error
There's a fixme for NdrDllRegisterProxy for the same GUID that fails in 
CoMarshallInterface. Perhaps that's the cause.

Before I start debugging this, I'd like to know if it is supposed to work at all.



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