Artilcle - loading Windows DLL's under Linux

Nick Temple ntemple at
Mon Feb 25 16:41:32 CST 2002

Hello All --

I am working on an article about how to load Windows DLL's under Linux.  This system is for stand-alone Linux applications that only need to use some of the logic in a single Windows DLL, not a full WINE implementation.

The code has been "borrowed" and tweaked from the avifile distribution (which is GPL'd), originally borrowed from WINE (BSD license), and will be re-released under the GPL or LGPL once the article is published.

I have found the following names in the headers of the various files I'm using:

Eric Youndale & Erik Bos
Martin von Löwis
Marcus Meissner
Thomas Sandford
Robert J. Amstadt
Alexandre Julliard

I plan to give credit either at the end of the article or in a sidebar.   I would also like to put in a "blurb" about the WINE and avifile projects in the article (or sidebar) as well.  Is there a standard blurb I can use?

Also, I want to make sure that the appropriate people / organizations get credit.  I am willing to accept comments on the completed version before publication to make sure I'm not stepping on any toes, please contact me directly if you are interested.

Thanks in advance for the feedback,


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