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Mon Feb 25 20:23:10 CST 2002

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, David Elliott wrote:

> Err, by "the code to do this" I was still referring to the code that does
> the bootup procedure.  And I don't believe that it should be linked to the
> emulator.  It can and will have to be linked to winelib (thus making it a
> winelib program) but it should definitely not be linked in with the
> emulator portion of wine.  The emulator may use a CreateProcess to call it
> during startup, but I would prefer a shell script.

In case you haven't been watching lately, a winelib program is not any
more an elf executable.  It is an elf-format PE executable, and AFAIK,
it is meant to be run by the emulator.  WINEPRELOAD makes it easy to run
one from a script, or another *NIX executable.  Right, though, it isn't
linked to the emulator, I sort of misspoke there.

> Yeah.. I think that this is a reasonable solution and we let the
> distributors figure it out from there.
> -Dave

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