Bootprocedure again

Gerhard W. Gruber sparhawk at
Tue Feb 26 12:10:12 CST 2002

Andreas Mohr wrote:

> Hmm, well, winebootup is supposed to execute everything *at once*
> on Wine startup (i.e. check in the wine wrapper script whether this is
> the first wine instance to get started, then run winebootup)
> If you don't think this is a good design, then go ahead and change it !
> (if it's better, that is ! ;)

I think this is a good design when it is the way you are describe it
here. What me bothered was, that there is a little bit of startup in
loader/main.c and then there is a little bit of startup in winebootup.

How can it check wether this is the first instance in a script? 
As I have seen in loader/main.c there is an if(firstthread) which I
supposed to be what you mean with first instance and I thought this
would be the natural place to go for that thing.

Is winebootup going to replace wine then, once it is finished? Otherwise
there would be two boot programs doing almost similar things and that's
what I consider a bad design. :)

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