Native DDE problems

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Feb 26 14:11:40 CST 2002

> The states that the implementation
> of the serial/parallel port
> is 90% complete but that DDE is still being implemented by Eric Pouech and
> not functional.
the status page is now a bit outdated
DDE (and DDEML) now kinda work
however, some 16 bit support is still missing in DDE (and DDEML), hence
problems as the trace shows
as of today :
- two 32 bit apps should be able to communicate through DDE
- two 16 bit apps should be able to communicate through DDE
- however, a 16 bit and a 32 bit app will not be able to communicate

I have a yet unfinished patch here that should (partly) take care of
if you have the wine source and are ready to do some testing, I can
you the patch to see if it helps in your situation

as DDEML is a pure 16 bit DLL (the 32 bit DDEML implementation is part
USER32), it's very unlikely that native DDEML will work in wine
so, sticking to builtin USER/USER32/DDEML is the only viable solution
if it's not completly done yet)


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