[Avifile]Artilcle - loading Windows DLL's under Linux

Zdenek Kabelac kabi at informatics.muni.cz
Tue Feb 26 15:50:40 CST 2002

On Mon, Feb 25, 2002 at 02:41:32PM -0800, Nick Temple wrote:
> Hello All --
> I am working on an article about how to load Windows DLL's under Linux.  This system is for stand-alone Linux applications that only need to use some of the logic in a single Windows DLL, not a full WINE implementation.

I guess Eugene has made a lot work on this to get this working
(DirectShow support is completely Eugenes work I guess)
Also I've myself added quite a lot of lines.

Then there were some updates from mplayer group and few ideas are taken
from Xine developers - and few things are still missing

> The code has been "borrowed" and tweaked from the avifile distribution (which is GPL'd), originally borrowed from WINE (BSD license), and will be re-released under the GPL or LGPL once the article is published.

Well I'm definitely not the person who would be fighting to death for
GPL/LGPL code - thus I'm completely unsure about this area - whoever
want to use this code for private project is dumb anyway :)
as there are still a lot of bugs...

So if you want to get some new names to your list:

Eugene Kuznetsov
Zdenek Kabelac
Arpad Gereoffy
Miguel Freitas
Mathew Kanner
Juergen Keil

Does anyone else feels he should be mentioned here as well ?? 

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