ImageList fixes

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Tue Feb 26 18:31:13 CST 2002

From: mstefani at

>> The hotspot handling in imagelist is broken. This fix partially
>repairs it.
>... and breaks it too. With your patch the hotspot handling in

It was a crude attempt to differentiate between the subtle difference
in meaning of the hotspot passed in to BeginDrag and that passed in
to SetDragCursorImage. The BeginDrag hotspot sets the position of the
image wrt the current mouse position and also sets the hotspot there.
Subsequently calling SetDragCursorImage does not physically move the
image, but changes the mouse messages to reflect the offset. We
probably need to do more substantial logic and track both hotspots
independantly to achieve better Windows emulation.

The bHSPending can be removed as it was only there to prevent the
image moving as a result of a call to SetDragCursorImage after
BeginDrag with different hotspots.

If this breaks my application too much I'll do a more thorough fix
and test more widely.

Dave Hawkes

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