Regression testing

Rick Romero rick at
Wed Feb 27 09:22:26 CST 2002

Hi all,

I've been trying to track down the source of my Visual Foxpro "Left
click in a window, and 'freeze'" error, and with the help of Lawson
Whitney, I *think* I've managed to narrow it down to the patch that
causes it.

If I checkout wine from cvs, then do a 
 cvs update -D "2001-06-19"
I get a 'working' wine.  If I update to 06-20, wine doesn't work.  There
are a few patches that were committed on the 19th, but one appears to
mostly likely have been the culprit:
Log message:  Moved hardware message queue handling to the server. 

First, I suppose I should apply each patch for that day, just to be
sure, but I'm guessing/hoping someone else knows if that large 'move'
caused some problems or not (so I can avoid spending that time).

Second, is there anything I can do to help narrow this down further?  I
see there are a couple WM_LBUTTONDOWN things that I could trace, but I'm
not sure that's the best place to start..

In short, what should I do now? :)


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