SystemParamtersInfoA Unknown Action: 4104

David.Goodenough at David.Goodenough at
Wed Feb 27 18:33:58 CST 2002

I have just tried to fire up MindManager under Wine.  It installed cleanly
(as far as I can tell) and successfully created an icon on my KDE desktop..

When I try to run it however, it first complains about a fixme in
CreateAcceleratorTableA, which I think I understand, and then hits another
fixme in SystemParamertersInfoA from which it asked for action 4104.
Looking at SystemParametersInfoA this seems odd as the action value is much
too large.  Does anyone have any idea what this might mean?  Neither 04 nor
41 make much sense either.

The app then hangs, and neither the mouse nor the keyboard seem to be able
to get from the first little window into the main application.  Perhaps the
04 did make sense, as it talks about the mouse.

I am running the version from Debian testing.


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