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Mike McCormack mike_mccormack at start.com.au
Wed Feb 27 18:22:28 CST 2002

Hi Mehmet,

I created the problematic change in question.

Without the change, when StgOpenStorage is called with an existing
zero length file as the filename, it fails because it suceeded in
opening the file but expects it to have valid content...

Unfortunately, the change was merged incorrectly from the big CW
patch. (the Fad structure is not initiaized)

Could you try this patch instead please?


> Microsoft Visual Studio 6 is crashing when opening an existing
> with current CVS version of Wine (Wine20020122 was OK).
> Comparing both, I have found the change that triggers the crash.
> It is function StgOpenStorage in OLE32/storage32.c, line 5595 :
>    hr = StorageImpl_Construct(
>         newStorage,
>         hFile,
>         pwcsName,
>         NULL,
>         grfMode,
>         TRUE,
> -      FALSE);
> +      !(Fad.nFileSizeHigh || Fad.nFileSizeLow) /* FALSE */ );
> TRACE shows that Fad.nFileSizeHigh = Fad.nFileSizeLow = 0;
> As you can see in TRACE the crash occurs in
> I suppose Wine is trying to write to a readonly opened file ?
> (because file is opened with GENERIC_READ)
> I hope this will help finding a fix.

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