DTR Flow Control

Michael Cardenas michaelc at lindows.com
Thu Feb 28 08:42:28 CST 2002

The parts of the source I'm using are not very different from yours.

I picked up the latest source and tried the app and it still has the same
behavior. It can talk to the modem enough to get it to connect to the ppp
server, but it cannot communicate over the network.

I've attached a trace using my app with the latest source. The application
seems to be stuck waiting for data and using ClearCommError to check the
number of bytes received. It calls GetOverlappedResult along with
GetLastError to check when the pending io operation has completed.

Maybe there's something wrong with the way overlapped io is implemented when
it interacts with a serial port. The documentation calls for the user to
manually set the file pointer when using overlappedio, which doesn't seem
like it would work on a serial port. The set_file_pointer function in
server.c doesn't check for serial ports, but I'm not familiar enough with
serial communications under linux to know if it matters. I tried to disable
set_file_pointer for serial ports, but this didn't seem to have any effect.


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> How about showing us the source you are using, so we can help you
> debug it?

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