DDE problems on 16bit Apps

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Thu Feb 28 12:54:30 CST 2002

list at vmn.com.br a écrit :
> Hello,
> I tried running the point of sale apps this morning that communicate with DDE.
> Both of them (DISP.EXE and PDV.EXE) are 16bit apps.
> There is also a 32bit DISP but I am using the 16bit version.
> I have  access to the source of these programs.
> The program init sequence is PDV.EXE calls DISP.EXE with a shell comand and then
> sets up
> DDE. PDV does all the processing, talks to external hardwares and then
> sends output for DISP to display.
it seems that the second program doesn't get a chance to initialize its
facilities before the first tries to connect, hence the trouble
can you provide more information on the start sequence ? sounds like a
Wine bug
in 16 bit program startup & synchro (or some undocumented features in 16
Windows code)

on PDV side between the spawn of DISP and the connection trial
on DISP side between the program start and its DDEML initialization


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