We *really* need a development model change !

David Elliott dfe at tgwbd.org
Wed Jan 2 14:57:03 CST 2002

On 2002.01.02 14:12 Jeremy White wrote:
[big snip]
>    1.  Cygwin installation has *dramatically* improved.
>         Getting a full working toolchain is no longer
>         a big pain in the rear end, it's actually pretty easy.
[big snip]

Well, as I mentioned the other day... I have recently built a linux cross 
mingw32 toolchain with the latest released binutils (maybe I should 
upgrade that, seems the mingw people also use a newer unstable binutils) 
and the latest released gcc (3.0.3) along with the MinGW w32api and 
mingw-runtime packages (both version 1.2).

There were a few issues such as building with multithread support that 
crept up into the build process and thus I have some patches for that if 
anyone is interested.  Most of them patch the configure scripts and so on 
so that it uses threading for the target environment instead of trying to 
compile posix threads.

I will be contacting the MinGW team about this shortly.


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