some other console fixes

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Wed Jan 2 16:09:02 CST 2002

> - The Apply button in the Propertysheet never gets enabled.
>   It always stays grayed out. When I press [Ok], the changes do get active,
>   but are not saved into the registry. Somehow the property sheet does not
>   get noticed that values inside it have changed... I do not have a clue
>   how that works.
yes. I didn't enable the apply button (shame on me)
in fact, there are two sets of configuration options:
- the current and the default
- the current only applies to the current opened console, whereas the
  eventually gets saved into the registry
- the current configuration set is opened with the 'properties' item in
the menu
- the default configuration set is opened with the 'default' item in the
- it's the way NT2000 console behaves... not very ergonomic I admit ;-)

> - The default font is not fixed pitch. This is strange, since the font enum
>   appears correct. I hardcoded the default font to Console, but this is
>   not a good solution.
>   Testing now appears to provide only correct fonts. Strange.
did you remove any entry from the registry before starting the testings

> - IDA text display is slow, it does a lot of redraws all the time.
>   I tried the following patch, which makes redraws async:
I think there are two different issues:
- wineconsole redraws itself by entire row, which is slow, especially
  the program writes character by character. two optimizations could be
made here
	1/ implement partial row update
	2/ the wineconsole could 'compress' incoming messages (especially
	   updates), so that some operations could be factorized (like screen
- painting operations. sometimes, it seems the input gets frozen, and
  events are not generated until the mouse moves for example... this
goes down
  to internal message passing and I didn't have the guts to look into it

> - Mouse presses should be sent as input events. If I get too annoyed I just
>   can just implement it ;)
if you want to ;-) however, mouse events must be handled with care. they
either mean mouse click events to be generated, but also copy area
Windows NT2000 console provides a switch (through the hereabove
mentionned menu
to enable one or the other more...). it's even more ergonomic than
before ;-))

> - wineconsole without arguments crashes:
thanx. that's fixed.

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