We *really* need a development model change !

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 3 10:08:51 CST 2002

Hi folks,
  I ported a sample of my tests from C to the Perl
framework. Want to share my experiences.

1) AFAICS technically you could do all the things you
could do in C - working with structures, using
callback functions, using threads. Existing problems
probably can be ironed out.
2) additional processing of the test results can be
done easier and quicker than in C

1) constants must be explicitely declared or plain
numbers used instead
2) no documentation on the framework yet.
3) in many cases data sizes must be specified manually
- for structures processing, function parameters.
4) more difficult to track issues. than in C

Note, issues (1) and (2) probably can be fixed.

For this application C is higher-level language than
Perl, provides more services to developer.

After trying the Perl framewok I still vote for using
C for the unit tests. For more information about
advantages C over Perl see my previous messages.

Note, with David Elliott improvements of MigGW
toolchain it is now possible to use one more set of
Win32 headers under *nix. Differences between header
files can be found without using Windows.

I urge you to try to use the framework and share your
experience. The sample Alexandre sent earlier helped
me a lot. I attached my script.

Thank you,
Andriy Palamarchuk

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