struct async_private needs generalization for Winsock

Martin Wilck Martin.Wilck at
Tue Jan 8 07:14:54 CST 2002

Hi Mike,

> That case is similar to serial I/O when timeouts are
> (interval=-1,const=0,total=0), isn't it? The file I/O code doesn't
> really handle it properly yet either, as it just falls into a busy
> loop in the original ReadFile... hmmm.

I believe it's simpler for sockets because I'll use separate async handler
routines which simply behave differently. I am not sure if it'll be
possible to mimic the Windows behaviour *exactly* ... I guess there'll
always be some sort of randomness involved in how many bytes are received
in a single recv(). I worry about the MSG_PARTIAL flag, which doesn't
seem to have a one-to-one Unix equivalent.

> That looks OK to me. i'm not going to complain about it too much if
> i'm not doing the work to implement it ;-)

Don't worry. I'm already working on it.
I assume you have (a) test program(s) for the serial code - I would
be grateful if you could run that against my patch (coming soon).

Btw I'd like to hear your optinion on the discussion between Alexandre and
myself in this thread.

Cheers, Martin

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