Full screen, always on top window doesn't get keyboard input

Ori Pessach ori_pessach_blah at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 19 17:52:28 CST 2002


While playing some more with Pajama Sam (for those of you who are wondering: 
yes, that's all I ever play. Pajama Sam Rocks!), I noticed the following bug:

The game opens a full screen window, which doesn't get keyboard input. 
Furthermore, under RedHat 7.2's KDE 2 window manager, managed game dialog 
boxes appear BELOW the game window. The dialogs, even though they're 
invisible, respond to keyboard input. For example, it is possible to exit the 
game by clicking the exit icon, and pressing "Y", for Yes, on the dialog.

Under Gnome's window manager (Sawfish?) the dialogs appear in front of the 
game window, but the game window still doesn't accept keyboard input.

Under KDE, I can't get any other window to appear in front of the game 
window, nor can I minimize it.

I looked at dlls/x11drv, and didn't see any WM hints being set that are 
obviously bad. Chances are that I wouldn't recognize bad WM hints even if 
they jumped up and bit me on the forehead, though.

I've also poked around the system with xwininfo, and found out that the game 
has a full screen window, named "Pajama Sam", which has a nameless child 
window, which is also full window and visible. Only the parent window has any 
WM hints set.

I seem to remember some discussion a while ago, about similar problems with 
installers (???). Could that be related?



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