Privaleged instruction

Nog nog at
Wed Jan 23 12:19:43 CST 2002


Just for the fun of it I tried to run the dos installer of Mechwarrior 
2: Mercenaries.  It didn't get too far as the installer crashed on an 
unhandeled Privileged instruction.  According to winedbg the instruction 
is 0x0002:0x10000 push %cs.  To see what the opcode of this instruction 
might be, I added a trace to the INSTR_EmulateInstruction.  Looking at 
the trace I found that the instruction it was having to emulate was 0x00 
which looks very wrong to me.  But just to check I simply made that 
function return true if the instruction was 0x00 but this only seemed to 
make things worse, the exception still occured but the debugger didn't 
launch.  What I would like to know is, is push %cs realy a Privileged 
instruction (which I think it might be)?  Looking into why 
INSTR_EmulateInstruction doesn't get the right pointer, the offset 
looked too big to me.  Shouldn't it roll over to the next segment after 
0xffff? The problem with the way that it is now is that the following 
macro, which converts the segment offset pair to linear addresses cuts 
off the upper bits, which looks correct.

#define PTR_REAL_TO_LIN(seg,off) \
   ((void*)(((unsigned int)(seg) << 4) + LOWORD(off)))

What I want to know is why the offset is so high?


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