license issue: winebuild->libbfd

clemens therapy at
Sat Jan 26 17:09:22 CST 2002


winebuild parses an nm symbol dump in order to get the lists of exported dll
symbols from shared libraries. 

1) nm isn't called with the -D option. without -D it will just dump regular
symbols. this will work when winebuild is used when compiling wine, because
the generated .so files will include both, regular symbols, and dynamic
symbols. prepackaged wine installations will have their shared libraries
stripped from any regular symbols leaving just dynamic symbols making
winebuild useless on those systems. 
I modified tools/winebuild/import.c:read_export_symbols to call nm with 
the -D option. works fine for stripped shared libraries, but crashes for 
some reasons in the regular wine building process.

2) instead of touching ugly C parsing code and fixing the bug, i would have 
liked to do it the right way: utilize libbfd. 
the problem: libbfd is GPL. not LGPL. 
as far as i can see I'm unable to use libbfd from winebuild now unless 
winebuild would become GPL too. any hints to resolve this?


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