Sooo quiet...

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Mon Jan 28 15:15:57 CST 2002

> ... I feel like starting a flamewar, just to get some
> traffic on this list :)

Yes!!! Flamewar!!! No retreat!!! No surrender!!!
> Speaking of which, I figured I should rattle Alexandre's cage :)

Well, I guess he will have fun with all the outstanding patches.
I think he has never had so many. :-)

> So here I go:
> Wine's been around for 8 (_eight_) years (how time flies)! It is my
> understanding that we're approaching the 1.0 status. I say, 
> let's change
> the versioning scheme, just to give the outside world a feeling of
> progress. Really, I think the current scheme kindda hurts us on a PR
> level.
> We can start with something like 0.90.0. This should give us plenty
> numbers to the upcoming 1.0, don't you think?

Unfortunetely there won't be any flamewar as far as I'm
concerned since don't care very much either way. :-)

But if anybody is intrested in my opinion anyway here goes:

I'm slightly against changing the versioning scheme before 1.0.
After 1.0 we probably want to have so sort of different versioning
especially since we might release different versions of the DLL:s
independently of each other. However I don't think there is much
use of having that pre 1.0.

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