Private Profile Regression Test

Joshua Thielen joshua_thielen at
Tue Jul 2 09:42:02 CDT 2002

Dmitry, thank you for your comments!

> IMO it's not very good idea to make some tests
> succeed under Wine, which
> clearly crashes under win2k. That would play some
> bad role in the case
> of the back porting Wine code to Windows, since some
> code, internal
> to Wine, could rely on that forbidden API behaviour.

Ok. I thought that these test cases might be a problem
and I wasn't sure what to do with them. I had
originally commented these tests out, and then I
decided to put them back in. 

What do you think about cases 10 and 11 in
WritePrivateProfileSection where the section name is
[Strange 2]? If this section name is added twice,
windows does not replace the section as is expected
but instead adds a duplicate [Strange 2] section. I
thought this case was interesting, but I wasn't sure
if it should be tested in wine. 

> I also have the following failures under win2k:
> Number of bytes read do not match
> FAIL: c:\result.ini does not match compare1.ini
> Number of bytes read do not match
> FAIL: c:\result.ini does not match compare2.ini

I originally wrote the test in windows, but I'm afraid
something might have changed when I ported it from
windows to wine test code. How do you compile and run
the tests under windows?

If you like, you can comment out the lines with
DeleteFileA("c:\\result.ini") and then comment out
either test_WritePrivateProfileString or
test_WritePrivateProfileSection from the START_TEST
function to see the result.ini that is supposed to
match compare1.ini or compare2.ini, respectively.

After looking at the code again (with rested eyes), I
think that I might be missing some tests that I
intended to put in and I definitely have a few typos.
If you see anything else that needs to be added or
changed, please let me know.

Thanks again,


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