MS' hidden API

P. Christeas p_christ at
Tue Jul 2 17:33:46 CDT 2002

> Yes, the goal of wine is to eventually run all windows applications
> (except for device drivers). However, for Wine 1.0, the focus will be on
> running a set of widely used applications, such as Microsoft Office,
> Lotus Notes, etc. Currently, many applications will work with a little
> tweaking. 

I do have an objection to that. Linux has many native applications, including 
an office suite, a mailer, a perfect browser etc. Perhaps wine-developers 
should not focus on porting such apps from the other system. I 've even heard 
that we should even drop any support to the win apps, in a try to make them 
My view is that we should focus on professional apps, such as CAD, some 
multimedia etc. There is professionals that won't switch to Linux until some 
unique apps they use can run under Linux.  Games are an issue, too.

However, we couldn't make the rare apps run, until the API is mature, such 
that the most common ones will run, too.
So, don't worry if Outlook or Money doesn't run, worry about Matlab (say..).

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