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Oliver Ob ob_ok at
Tue Jul 9 09:16:39 CDT 2002

admiral coeyman schrieb:
> Group,
>         While running tests at my end, I found an odd problem that seems to have
> developed out of the blue.  It seems that only 32 bit dos executables will now
> run on my system.  All of the 16-bit executables that I've been using for the
> past few years generate 'bad exe' errors.  I've redownloaded most of the tree
> and nothing has fixed this problem.
>         Before I look too deep, is this a problem that anybody else has?  It's
> possible that my local tree has been damaged or that my development tools are
> not right.
>         God Bless,
>                 --Robert 'Admiral' Coeyman
> [I've had vga planets 4.0 running.]
Aye aye sir! Good to read you here, Rob!

As you know I am also fiddling around with VGAP/WinPlan/P4 and also
had sort of these errors.

I have no dev tools here, but am going to reinstall as I said in PM.

All the best Admiral
Regards from Jenneraaal.. :-)

(Try to pronounce that haha!)

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