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admiral coeyman admiral at
Thu Jul 11 01:14:39 CDT 2002

Christian Costa,
> I experienced this problem some times ago. But it happened only under
> the debugger.
	When I tried running a program under 'wine --debugmsg +all,' I got an endless
loop.  I tested it with edit.exe.  What I was hoping for is that the program
would crash and I could get an idea of where the program was having the
problem.  That would have given me a starting point.  That did not happen.

> The problem was happening  during the parsing of the exe header. It
> turned out
> to be a failure in the llseek unix function. I did not figure out what
> really happened and did not investigate further.
	My problem seems to only effect programs compiled for 16 bit dos.  32 bit dos
programs appear to be running correctly.  I'm saying 32 bit because I know that
gcc compiled these programs to be 32 bits.
> Don't know if you're experiencing the same problem though...
	It's worth checking into.  Any pointer will help.
	God Bless,
		--Robert 'Admiral' Coeyman

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