CxxFrameHandler problem

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Mon Jul 15 10:34:40 CDT 2002

>>>>> "Andriy" == Andriy Palamarchuk <apa3a at> writes:

    Andriy> --- Steven Edwards <steven_ed4153 at> wrote:
    >> If anyone is working on the CxxFrameHandler I have two applications I
    >> have been working on that may help in testing/tracking down the
    >> problems. Currently both WinCVS and geoshell suffer from this
    >> problem. Both applications are GPL so if you need to look at the
    >> source to find out what is going on you can.

    Andriy> Steven, these FIXME messages are only traces of an exception
    Andriy> thrown by application and are not related to real problem in any
    Andriy> way. We should find out why an exception is thrown in the first
    Andriy> place.

    Andriy> I recommend you to to file a separate bug report for each case.

However out CxxFrameHandler implementation normally makes the real culprit
very hard to find. Nearly never a good backtrace is produced when
CxxFrameHandler is involved, sometimes the backtrace goes in a loo or
something else happens.

To make builtin msvcrt usable or even debugable, we need a working
CxxFrameHandler implementation. I looked at, but I didn't feel
like implementing it...

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