AutoCAD2000 again and CreateFiber

Max max at
Fri Jul 19 16:25:20 CDT 2002

Alle 21:40, giovedì 18 luglio 2002, Eric Pouech ha scritto:

> TEB: Thread execution block... it's the descriptor of any running thread
> in the system (see include/thread.h)
> on NT, the TEB starts with a thread information block

so if I did understand, in NT fibers are mapped to threads descriptors 
directly.... I guess in win95 the w95fiber.dll does it in some other way, as 
it seems work, at least for fibers used in Autocad... For now I think I'll be 
happy with it and try to solve other problems for acad :-)

> > Little question... where can I find some info to understand unix page
> > protection schemes ? Need it to look deeper in VirtualQuery functions, it
> > seems to me there's some bug there
> man mmap ? but imo that's more linked to the way we load the executable
> and it's a bit more tricky than pure page protection issues
> A+

I supposed too... my patch tricks apps in believing that the page protection 
is different, but I know it could engender many other problems....
I'll take a look at loader too, if it's not to hard

Thanx for answers !


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