DTR / DTS vs RTS/CTS vs Wine

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Thu Jul 25 12:31:05 CDT 2002

Hi Marcelo!

Seems you are familiar with the problem!
Yes, I am debugging a fiscal printer !
I was using sleep but I decided to look into the problem because 
sometimes you need to catch the signal, say if the printer runs out of paper,
or whatever....

I am going to try the cable and then see what happens.


Quoting Marcelo Welter <pouback at sysmo.com.br>:

> Hi miguel
> If your are using a fiscal printers of brazilian producers.
> In wine the DTR/DTS are true everytime. Then you need stop your
> application after eat command to wait printer get a ready status before
> next command.
> in delphi use SLEEP command to this.
> sorry per my english.
> see ya!
> Marcelo Welter

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