dos console apps question

Jukka Heinonen jhei at
Thu Jul 25 14:11:10 CDT 2002

Yes, many DOS console apps don't work under plain Wine
because DOS emulation does not create console for the
applications. Some applications actually make Wine crash
because the application gets illegal coordinates when
GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo fails.

The correct place for console allocation would likely
be VGA_SetAlphaMode; call to normal Windows AllocConsole()
function should be enough, no server calls are needed.
Additionally, if DOS console application tries to call a
routine that requires console, VGA_SetAlphaMode should be called
in order to initialize console (see VGA_SetCursorPos).

I have been thinking doing this myself, but I have always
ended up being uncertain about how this change is going to affect
piping input and output of DOS programs that use only
stream IO and not console IO. Anyway, I don't have time for
this stuff so I would appreciate if you could work on this.

Jukka Heinonen <>

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