DOS memory Question..... or How to increase base memory for DOS apps

Christian Costa titan.costa at
Sat Jun 1 09:08:47 CDT 2002

>I don't know it if is possible, but if that is true,
>why not just emulate int21h calls when DOS3CALL is
>called when we are running a win16 app, and the rest
>of the time, leave everything be? 
IIRC, int21h is based upon DOS3CALL except for some few parts which are
only implemented in int 21h.

>Or better yet, why
>not change the value to the end of the bios data area
>only when we are running pure dos apps?
I mentionned this in the post and I also think it's the best solution since
only pure dos apps may need a lot of base memory.

>Or you could do that, but there is no sure-fire way to
>do everything cleanly and even then, it may not fix
>every dos app, or even worse it could break some
>non-dos app in unforeseen ways...
Could you be more precise?
What the problem(s) that may make things not work?
Or what do the apps do we cannot handle?

>  What is DOSEmu
>licensed under and is it actually open source?  I'm
>wondering, maybe if it is under a compatible license
>and open source, couldn't we take the DOS3CALL or
>int21h routines (or at least parts of them) from
Hum... Since the code already exists in WINE, I prefer understand it and
enhanced it. I think, It will take much less time. ;-)


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