Keyboard layout detection not working??

Hetz Ben Hamo hetz at
Sat Jun 1 09:14:38 CDT 2002

> Hi all,
> Further research revealed the problem, and here is a working patch. I
> would like to both draw your attention to the reasons, and point out one
> thing in this patch that requires attention.

And I tried your patch Shachar and there some interesting results...

Here is my setxkbmap line to change between hebrew and english:
setxkbmap -option grp:switch,grp:shift_toggle,grp_led:scroll il

This lets me switch from english to hebrew...

Then I tried the wine's internal wine's notepad to do a test:
LANG=he_IL wine notepad
at first the keyboard switch doesn't behave well (you got capital english 
letters and only after few times you get hebrew) I can type hebrew no problem 

However, with programs like Word, excel etc.. - the problem persists - 
keyboard switching doesn't impress the application and even when you switch - 
you're in english mode...

Have you tried some apps with this? if so, which ones?


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