Close X after one hour and half

Robert Yaklin ryaklin at
Sun Jun 2 07:16:37 CDT 2002

The problem may be a memory leak in Wine. Try running top while your 
Wine application is running and keep an eye on the amount of memory 
Wine is using. If you are using the latest Wine from CVS you may notice 
that you application runs longer, thanks to a bug-fix by Andreas Mohr.

You Wrote:
> Hello friends
> a run my applicationwith wine and xinit like:
> xinit wine myapp.exe -- :0
> running very well, but after one hour and half this broken my X 
> session and back to text console...
> i not see a messagem that refer to this problem in the screen and 
> logs are equal
> I dont understand what happen with X to make...
> anybody help me..?
> Marcelo 

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