Win16 Support again

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Sun Jun 2 22:24:28 CDT 2002

> Yes, most of the 32-bit code doesn't rely on the 16-bit APIs, 
> so you can start your work with truely separated 16/32 dlls. 
> But *there are* places where 32-bit code relyes on the 16-bit parts.
> And what is more important, is to decide how 32-bit and 
> 16-bit code should be separated. I vote for moving them to 
> separate files as Alexandre did it for dlls/user/wnd16.c and 
> dlls/user/wnd16.c for instance.

I agree with moving the win16 support to its own files. Once that is
done it will be easy to have a configure option to not build win16
support. If Alexandre will accept patches for it I will begin to do it.


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