problem : win16 stack selector freed twice

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Mon Jun 3 04:55:36 CDT 2002

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Costa <titan.costa at> writes:

    Christian> Hi everybody, I encountered the following problem that
    Christian> completely broke MapLS.  I investigated a little and here is
    Christian> what I've found :

    Christian> 1) a selector is allocated for the win16 stack in
    Christian> THREAD_InitStack 2) the selector is freed and the stack
    Christian> replaced by another (the DGROUP of the module) in
    Christian> NE_StartTask 3) MapLS is called, allocates the freed selector
    Christian> and keep it in a linked list 4) the selector is freed in
    Christian> SYSDEPS_ExitThread which believes it to be the selector of
    Christian> the initial task 5) the selector being freed is allocated
    Christian> (from where is not important) and the associated descriptor
    Christian> is modified 6) further call to MapLS (wich makes the function
    Christian> to use this selector) make wine to crash because the
    Christian> descriptor has been overwritten

    Christian> So 2) and 4) are conflicting but I think only 4) is wrong.

    Christian> 4) should free the selector of the new stack instead of the
    Christian> old one.  Or should do nothing if the stack has been changed.

    Christian> Any idea?

What about locking the alloceted handle? Refertencecounting should inhibit
it from getting freed to early.


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