Wine front-end -- winespy

Massimo max at
Mon Jun 3 11:48:24 CDT 2002

I am finishing a gui front end for wine that allows to start and stop wine
app on the fly, capture wine output and filter debug cannels as required.
It's done calling wine with --debugmesg +all and filtering it, so it'll
slow down in some extents wine app.... For the moment I didn't find a way
to remotely control wine debug channels from my app. I think that with
little wine code changes it would be possible, i.e. passing a pipe to wine
with something like --debugpipe num, and using it to start-stop debug
channels output on the fly... But I can't code it.... If someone knows how
to implement that stuff, I'd be glad to change my app... it would be much
faster than now.
BTW, I'll post my app (a QT based one) on next days after some testing.



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