Lotus Notes Application Owner

Daniel Schwarz dschwarz at bellatlantic.net
Tue Jun 4 12:23:03 CDT 2002

Ian writes:

>I was under the impression that there already was one, but it looks like
>I was mistaken.  I will volunteer to own the Notes *R4* client, which I
>regularly use.  (I suggest having a different owner for Notes R5.)


I'm the Lotus Notes application owner. I regularly use and test R5 on
Linux, and I run a Linux Domino server at home. If you are interested in
owning R4, that's fine by me. For what it's worth, from 1993-97 I was a
programmer on the team that designed and wrote Notes R4 and R5 (Iris
Associates) so I have some knowledge of application internals (although,
sadly, no source code.)

I'm following the discussion and bug report 466 although I have not been
able to test with the latest CVS due to wine config problems detailed in
my earlier message to the list.


Dan Schwarz

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