Clear up my License information

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Tue Jun 4 16:33:15 CDT 2002

> > So no, save the work nessessary for Rewind to make any patch 
> > from X11 licenser apply I don't see any problem from LGPL 
> > "contamintion" of the patches. In any case, as I said earlier 
> > this is Rewind problem, not the X11 licenser.
> Ok If its ReWinds problem that's cool.

Yes. :-)
> Are you still planning on doing any work porting the Wine 
> dlls to MS_VC?

Yes. I haven't felt like working with the previous weeks though.

> I could use some help seperating the win16 code from the ones I have
> left.

OK. I will see what I can do.

First on my priority list is cleaning up and releasing the
Microsoft Visual C project files generator though.

One of Alexandre's Makefile changes broke it and I
haven't taken time fixing it yet...

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