GlobalAlloc returning memory that isn't 8-byte aligned?

Warren_Baird at Warren_Baird at
Thu Jun 6 15:06:53 CDT 2002

Hi all,

It looks to me like the wine implementation of GlobalAlloc is only returning
addresses that are 4 byte aligned, not 8-byte aligned as MSDN says it should...

Unfortunately on Sparc-Solaris double values need to be 8-byte aligned, and if
GlobalAlloc is returning 4-byte aligned addresses - this is pretty hard.

I'm afraid I don't really understand all of the magic going on in dlls/ntdll - I
tried redefining ARENA_SIZE_MASK to ~7 instead of ~3, but this caused seg-faults
in various places...

Any suggestions on how to convince GlobalAlloc to actually return 8-byte aligned
addresses would be greatly appreciated!


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