How big is the Direct3D stuff?

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Thu Jun 6 15:41:56 CDT 2002

> At 08:37 PM 6/6/02 +0200, Patrik Stridvall wrote:
> >I'm not distracting. I wasn't refering to anything you said.
> >I merely stated that whether you agree or not I don't consider
> >to be of your concern.
> This will be my last email to this thread. You originally said:
> > > > > >Secondly who are you to tell people what they can or can't do
> > > > > >for a living?
> And this is nonsense, since I didn't say anything like that.

If the sentence implies that you said that then perhaps it is
because english is not my main language.

A better formulation would perhaps be:
Secondly what other people do for living is not of your concern.

This was an reaction to your statement:
"What do you mean by 'bought out'? I suppose there where WINE
contributors who now work for TG, right? If this is the case it
is another point in favour of the LGPL..."

This I interpreted as you MIGHT be against that some of Wine's contributors
starting working with Transgaming and that is was POSSIBLE that you thought
(or hoped) that a LGPL:ed Wine would have prevented that.

Thus I replied as I did in the event that you really was against it.
I should perhaps have formulated myself better, though.

You one the other hand shouldn't interpreting everything litterary.
This is especially true when discussing things with non native
english speakers.
> Please keep your twisted logic for  youself, I won't bother 
> discussing this 
> anymore, I have better things to do...

I don't think logic have very much to do with it in this case.
It lies more in the realm of miscommunication.

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