Error messages when typing Hebrew characters

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sat Jun 8 09:31:50 CDT 2002

"Shachar Shemesh" <wine-devel at> wrote:

> I typed a Hebrew word, followed by a english one (you can also see the 
> keys used to tell kxdb to switch keyboard layouts). I am guessing that X 
> needs some global config to make Hebrew work, but I don't know what or 
> where it is. Maybe I need to set LC_CTYPE before running the X server?

> Current locale: C
> XLocaleOfIM: C

Here is an answer (two lines above).

I have no a slightest idea how Mozilla and Kedit manage to work. It seems
they use some library which does all hard work for them. But as you can see
XFree86 APIs use "C" locale for Input Method and apparently for keyboard
translation too. C run-time uses "C" locale as well, therefore all tools
which use only standard C library APIs (sorting, string comparing, etc.)
will not work correctly for you either.

And yes, could you please try to set LC_CTYPE and LANG to something sensible,
perhaps 'he_IL', or 'he_HE', or 'iw_IL', or 'iw_HE'? I don't know what value
will work in your envirinment, sorry. You should experiment a bit.

By the way, what distribution are you using? Glibc? XFree86 (mentioned 4.2.0)?


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