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Phil Bordelon phil at
Sat Jun 8 15:26:31 CDT 2002

Hello there.

I've been following the wine-devel--and, more recently, the 
wine-license--mailing lists for some time now.  While I am a competent C and 
C++ programmer, I haven't had the time to really come up-to-speed with the 
Windows API enough to help in re-implementing it.  [Part of that comes from an 
aversion to even learning enough about the Windows API to re-implement it.]

Nevertheless, for a considerable period of time before I switched entirely to 
Linux, I happened to be a professional video-game reviewer.  I was the primary 
PC game reviewer for the site, and because of that I happen to have legitimate 
copies of just about every major PC release for the past two years, not 
counting stuff in the last handful of months.  [I have Max Payne, but not 
Morrowind, and so on.]

I also happen to be a game collector, and over the years I've picked up a 
number of games even older than those, including a game (Surface Tension) that 
uses what I believe to be pre-3.0 DirectX.  Meep!

Anyway, the point of this letter is this--if people are planning on starting 
on an implementation of the whole Direct3D/DirectX thing for the WineHQ wine, 
I'm willing to be an official 'guinea pig.'  I can provide any developer 
working on this with a list of games I own, and we can start banging away on 
getting them to work.

There is one caveat: I don't reboot into Windows, so it'll have to be 
installable under Linux.  While some older games work already, the 
InstallShield work from Transgaming that they're putting into the ReWind 
tree is probably necessary before the recent stuff will work.

Eventually, I'd like to help with the code as well, but I'd like to proffer 
what services I can right now.


"'Original .signatures are for wimps!' .signatures are for wimps!" .signatures are for wimps!

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