Fixes for ADPCM decoding.

Vincent Béron vberon at
Sun Jun 9 20:47:10 CDT 2002

"David D. Hagood" a écrit :
> I found a bug in the decoding of the ADPCM data - the nybbles in the
> samples were being processed backwards - MSN then LSN (bits 4-7, then
> 0-3), rather than LSN then MSN. Since ADPCM re-syncs every 8 samples,
> the audio was distorted but intelligable. With this fix, the audio is
> correct. I've tested this patch with Delorme's AAA MapNGo 4.0, which
> uses ADPCM for its audio files.
> NOTE: I didn't check the encoding routines, nor did I check the MSADPCM
> files to see if they were correct.
> Changelog:
> ADPCM nybble processing order was incorrect.
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------

David, please use the "-u" format for diffs. It's much safer to use, and
it's good to have some context around the modified lines for quick
review purpose.


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